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New York, NY

101.1 Jack FM [HD2 sub-channel] WCBS-FM
(Station changed formats on June 1, 2007)

In a stunning move that shocked the radio world, Infinity Broadcasting dropped the Oldies format that had aired on WCBS-FM for the past 33 years at 5 PM EDT on June 3, 2005. In its place came Variety Hits with 101.1 Jack FM. The stunning part wasn't that Infinity brought Jack FM to NYC (it had been predicted for some time), but that WCBS-FM was chosen as the station to knock out to bring Jack on board.

The first song to air on the new 101.1 Jack FM was "Fight For Your Right (To Party)" by the Beastie Boys.

There was backlash over the abrupt flip, with fans of the station protesting and ex-jocks (Cousin Brucie in particular) speaking out very harshly about the move.

Jack FM never made the impact in New York in the Persons 25-54 demo that had been hoped for when the change was made. Consequently, CBS Radio (formerly Infinity) flipped the station to Classic Hits as "101.1 CBS-FM" on July 12, 2007. The new station uses imaging and jingles similar to the former Oldies WCBS format, but the playlist was updated to include primarily hits from the 70s and 80s.

CBS Radio moved Jack FM to 101.1 FM's HD2 side-channel at that point, where it remained until May 7, 2008, when CBS Radio terminated it there in favor of a similar Variety Hits format with no name.

This was the second Variety Hits station in the country (George FM in Washington, DC was the first) to have its format begin on the traditional FM band and then move to an HD side-channel.

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