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September 8, 2005

From: Danny Brown
Date: Sep 8, 2005 12:55 PM
Subject: ABC Radio & Jack-FM

Hello Mr. Lou Pickney:

My name is Danny Brown and i live in the Capitol Region/Albany New York area and On All Access Dot Com they said that ABC Radio networks has teamed up with Sparknet for the Jack-FM Format and they are putting it in 41 markets and i wanted to know is the Albany New York area gonna be one of them to get Jack-FM from ABC Radio Networks? I hope it is, we need the real Jack-FM here like New York, Chicago, Buffalo, Los Vegas etc has.

Danny Brown

Lou: The topic of the Albany, NY region came up in the August 25, 2005 mailbag. With the forthcoming satellite-fed version of JACK-FM, it is possible that one of the non-Clear Channel ownership groups might put it on in the market, particularly since the Albany-Schenectady-Troy market is one where the format would seem at a glance to be a good fit.

As of now I don't know of any stations that have signed on with the satellite-fed JACK-FM service, but keep in mind that the announcement about it just came out today and that it won't begin until October 1, 2005. At that point, it's entirely possible that JACK-FM could come to Albany, but there are no guarantees of anything. Albany is market #62, so I'd question the likelihood of a satellite-fed format being brought in, but if it can be a strong performer on a shoestring budget... that should appeal to the market managers of the various companies there. If you want the format, your best bet is to contact the market managers and let them know.

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