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July 1, 2005

From: Alicia Boerin
Date: July 1, 2005 2:25 PM
Subject: BOB FM Sacramento

Regarding 92.1 BOB FM Sacramento

Dear Lou;

First I would like to mention that the variety radio concept is one of the best I have seen primarily for 35 and up and people of all ages looking for relaxation. As we decay even more, I do believe that you will be extremely successful in years to come. I wish to be a part of the move, I expect success for me as well.

From Sacramento California, I am a radio producer of light and entertaining formats with sporadic talk designed to keep peoples' minds interested and connected to a rely of relaxation. Witty conversation, the simple things, positive thoughts and encouragement with no particular format, variety is the way to go for the wondering minds of the future. A surprise and a balsam to those that would like to have a break from conventional formats. “El Gallinero” (The hen house) in Spanish and the English version “No Babbling Zone” aired for a period of 2 and a half years since 2001 in Community Radio and a high school radio station in Sacramento that had the same variety format you carry. I do have a variety of ideas that will make this free style production the first profitable broadcast that relies on products generated by the aired. This concept will allow the production to grow and be self-sufficient and to break away from classical dependency of advertising dollars. Other people in the market listened to my concept, people that I respect highly as broadcasting leaders in my community, although their networks are big and difficult to introduce an idea that can be revolutionary in the way marketing is done for radio, they were interested.

Please give me the opportunity to show you that a free format variety production can become very profitable. This concept started in 1988 in Argentina with my production “Solo para ellos” “Only for them” The current radio station that carries that format won several awards and is one of the number one choices for people looking for relaxation and positive encouragement.

With no family to worry about, I am able to relocate and deposit my energy in a career, inventor of “Grey Press”, because people with open minds want things light. Thanks for the time spent now, I look forward to hearing from you.

Alicia Boerin. (Phone number removed)

Lou: Wow... Well, I guess there are still some people that still don't realize that I *don't* own the stations listed on here. Anyway, if anyone reads this and wants to reach Alicia, let me know.

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