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Variety Hits Mailbag

May 25, 2005

From: Melissa Thayer
Date: May 24, 2005 10:56 PM
Subject: your random music

I just wanted to let you know that most people don't agree with your format choices. some of us do actually think it is weird to hear the stones then beatles the ken chesney. some of us want you to go back to the formats that held stations in the number 3 spot for their market like STAR 93.7 out of boston because we the listeners liked to hear the wide range of DANCE music that it once played. we didn't want heavy rock or metal to be mixed into it. we listened for the exclusive dance music it played.

but then over night and from an article i read the owner's daughter's advice you ignored us the listeners and switched it. we have a group a and you can go to to see what we the real listeners thought of the change and maybe you will actually poll the listerns first before just changing format. after all we are the ones you are trying to reach, instead you pushed us away leaving us with no other choice but to turn off the radio and buy ipods or listen to our own records and tapes and cd's and form little groups to talk about what once was. i wonder what the statitistics are for every listener you got to stay listening, how many more did you lose?

just wanted to let you see the other point of views out there,
Melissa Thayer

Lou: Please keep in mind that I don't work for any of the radio stations listed on this site, including WMKK (formerly WQSX). I simply keep a compilation of the stations that have gone with the Variety Hits format and provide other pertinent information about the format as circumstances dictate. Complaining to me about Star 93.7's flip to 93.7 Mike FM isn't going to help your quest, as I don't have anything to do with the station. Entercom owns it, not me.

I understand your frustration about the loss of Star 93.7. It's never fun to have your favorite station change formats, particularly if the replacement is not something that you like. And believe me, I know there are other points of view out there.

You might want to consider approaching other Boston stations to let them know of the demand that's out there for what Star 93.7 used to play. You're more likely to see results via that route than you are with 93.7. In radio, the past doesn't exist all too often. And while it's not unheard of for a station to revert back to its old format, the odds of it happening with 93.7 in Boston is not very likely.

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