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Bowling Green, Kentucky

WKLX - SAM 100.7

Variety Hits came to the very eastern Bowling Green, KY area (Glasgow, KY) on August 1, 2005, as SAM 106.7 debuted on WHHT, replacing Soft AC Magic 106.7. However, WHHT has a weak Class A signal that fails to reach the Bowling Green metro area with much more than a rimshot signal.

SAM's stay on that signal would prove to be short-lived. On November 11, 2005, Commonwealth Broadcasting moved SAM from WHHT to the stronger 100.7 signal, WKLX, which unlike WHHT has city-grade coverage into Bowling Green. The Hot AC "100.7 Star FM" format that had been there switched places with SAM, sliding up to the 106.7 spot, though some of the old Star audience (particularly in the Bowling Green metro and west) will have trouble hearing it at its new dial location.

96.3 Jack FM (WCJK) out of Nashville reaches the Bowling Green area with a semi-usable signal, enough to where it would carve out typically a 1.5 share or so 12+ per book as an Oldies outlet. In some ways that might've forced Commonwealth Broadcasting's hand on this move, since a rimshot WHHT would likely be neutralized at best by an out-of-market JACK-FM, whereas now a city-grade SAM 100.7 has a decided advantage from a signal standpoint. It's curious that the move was made mid-book, but better late than never, I suppose.

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