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Burlington, Vermont

WWMP - MP 103

Northeast Broadcasting's simulcast of Alice 103.3 (WLKC) & 93.7 (WXAL-FM) abruptly changed formats at 5:38 AM on June 2, 2005, going to Variety Hits as MP 103. The idea is that the name sounds like MP3, the popular audio file format.

Despite dropping the 93.7 designation from the handle, the station maintained its simulcast. The station retained the entirety of its on-air staff from Alice. The first song played under the new format was "Fly Like An Eagle" by Steve Miller.

The station changed the 103.3 signal's call letters to WWMP on June 13, 2005. As of late June 2005, the station had 2,000 songs in its library, with 1,200-1,250 songs in its rotation, according to Program Director Scott McKenzie.

On August 30, 2005, 93.7 WXAL-FM split from the simulcast and debuted as classic country US 93.7 (its call letters changed to WUSX on September 7, 2005.) When the split happened, MP 103 became a permanent stand-alone station without a simulcast partner, which explains why the station was branded as MP 103 and never played up the 93.7 connection.

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