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Columbus, Ohio

WTDA - 103.9 Ted FM
(Station changed formats on January 8, 2007)

North American Broadcasting brought Variety Hits to Columbus, Ohio on November 5, 2004, switching from Classic Rock Eagle 103.9 (WEGE) to Variety Hits as 103.9 Ted FM. The call letters changed to WTDA on November 16, 2004.

According to its website, Ted FM "plays the best music from the 70s, 80s, 90s, today and even some from the 60s." My research has revealed that there's very little from the 60s on that station (which is a good thing for fitting the format).

When Clear Channel's 105.7 FM in Columbus dropped the Bob & Tom show in late September 2005, the program was quickly picked up by 103.9 Ted FM. The addition of a show like Bob & Tom is a departure from the norm for a Variety Hits station, but that program had been successful in the market before, and North American Broadcasting wanted to take full advantage of the opportunity, even if it wasn't a prototypical match for the station.

The station abruptly changed formats to Talk/Sports on January 8, 2007, keeping Bob & Tom but dropping the rest of the station's former identity.

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