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Fresno, California

KFJK - 105.9 Jack FM
(Station changed formats on March 25, 2009)

Infinity launched JACK-FM in Fresno on September 22, 2005, replacing the Spanish "Viva 106" format that was in place there (and switching the call letters from KKDG to KFJK.)

A quick history lesson: the station was Spanish as Viva 106 (KRNC), then flipped to Hot Talk in July 2004 as 105.9 The Edge (with new calls KKDG, as close as the station could get to the KKDJ call letters it had when it was called "The Edge" years before) when Infinity put Howard Stern on in a number of markets, which included Fresno (where he had previously aired from 1996-2001.)

When Stern announced his decision to move to Sirius Satellite Radio, Infinity began to change back some of the stations that it flipped to accomodate Stern, including the 105.9 Fresno signal, which once again became Spanish as Viva 106 in January 2005 (still as KKDG.) However, the station kept Stern in morning drive due to contractual obligations for what turned out to be the duration of the Spanish format's second incarnation on the signal. Stern remained on in mornings after the station flipped to Jack FM, staying on through the end of his deal with Infinity, which expired in December 2005.

In May 2006, CBS Radio (formerly Infinity Broadcasting) announced that it would be selling its radio holdings in several markets, including Fresno. In November 2006, it was announced that the station (along with the rest of the CBS Radio cluster in Fresno) would be purchased by Peak Broadcasting for $90 million; Peak took control of the station in December 2006 with an LMA before outright buying it in 2007.

At 5 a.m. on March 25, 2009, Peak dropped the Jack FM format from the station in favor of news/talk, with the station rebranding as "the FM KMJ @ 105-9", building on the existing brand name in the market of AM news/talk station, 580 KMJ.

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