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Knoxville, Tennessee

WQJK/WRJK - 95.7 Jack FM

In a move that I expected to have for some time, the South Central Radio Group flipped Oldies 95.7/106.7 to Variety Hits on October 5, 2005 with the brand new satellite-fed Jack FM. The simulcast signal covers the Knoxville market: WTMX-FM (95.7) provides strong metro coverage from the southwest, while WRMX-FM (106.7) provides coverage from the north, with coverage in particular for the north and northeast suburbs that aren't reached by WTXM-FM. For whatever reason, the station is only promoting the 95.7 frequency, though both signals made the flip.

South Central had put JACK-FM on the air in Nashville in April 2005 (using a locally produced version of the format), where it became an immediate smash hit, moving into the top of the P25-54 ratings.

Station Website:
Streaming Audio: Available via the website

WOKI - 98.7 Earl FM
(Station changed formats on August 10, 2007)

Just nine days following the debut of Jack FM in Knoxville, Citadel brought a Variety Hits competitor into the market on October 14, 2005. WOKI was once a powerhouse AAA station when it was located on the 100.3 signal licensed to Oak Ridge, TN. A personal sidebar: I was able to pick up the station for nearly three hours during my drive down during my move from Huntington, WV to Tampa, FL in April 2001. You can do that when the station is on a 2,000' tall tower at 100kw.

Citadel bought the station from Dick Broadcasting in 2003, and the playlist became "safer" according to some in the market. It's too bad, because the old WOKI was really good.

On May 2, 2005, Citadel moved The River to 98.7 FM (bringing the WOKI calls along to the new frequency), knocking hip-hop Wild 98.7 out of the market.

The River flipped to Variety Hits as 98.7 Earl FM on October 16, 2005. According to reports in the radio trades, Earl FM was patterned after Citadel's KDRF (103.3 Ed FM) in Albuquerque, NM.

On August 10, 2007, Citadel dropped the format from 98.7 Earl FM (WOKI) to go Oldies with the satellite-fed, Scott Shannon produced "True Oldies Channel" format.

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