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Mobile, Alabama

WAVH - 106.5 The Pirate
Station changed formats on 5/1/2009

Baldwin Broadcasting's Oldies 106 The Wave (106.5 WAVH) abruptly dropped its Oldies format on the morning of Friday, August 18, 2006, stunting with all Jimmy Buffett music as Jimmy 106.5.

That lasted until 6 a.m. on Monday, August 21, 2006, when the station relaunched with Variety Hits as 106.5 The Pirate. Charlie Ocean remained with the station as the Program Director, while Chuck Redden returned to the station with the flip to take over the General Manager role.

The Mobile Register quoted Ocean as saying, "The Pirate can play whatever he wants. He is a pirate." While that same Register article spun the station as a Classic Hits outlet, All Access confirmed that it will fit the Variety Hits mold with plenty of 90s/modern artists in the playlist to go with the 70s/80s music also promised.

Baldwin Broadcasting, which had owned WAVH since 1992, sold the station in October 2007 to Bigler Broadcasting.

The station changed formats on May 1, 2009, dropping Variety Hits to become FM Talk 106.5.

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