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Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Virginia

WPYA - 93.7 Bob FM

Sinclair Communications (not to be confused with Sinclair Broadcasting Group) brought the Variety Hits format to the Norfolk/Virginia Beach market on March 9, 2004, debuting on the brand new 106.1 frequency (WPYA, which stands for We Play Anything). 106.1 was formerly a translator for 96.1 WROX-FM, which has some signal issues in the Norfolk market, but Sinclair managed to get approval for 106.1 to be granted its own license as a Class A station.

Bob FM proved to be a big hit for Sinclair in 2004. Meanwhile, Sinclair another new station launched at about that time, country Kick FM 93.7 (WKCK.) It was aimed at legacy country powerhouse WGH-FM, then owned by Barnstable Broadcasting. However, as 2004 progressed, it became obvious that Kick FM was failing to cut into the numbers of WGH-FM, despite Kick FM having a monster signal. With the Fall 2004 book set to begin, Sinclair decided to make a major change.

On September 23, 2004, Sinclair swapped Bob FM and Kick FM's positions on the dial. Bob FM moved to 93.7 and its 100,000 watt signal and bumped Kick FM over to 106.1, where it rebranded as Kick 106. That same day, the WPYA calls moved with Bob FM over to 93.7, where it remains today.

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