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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

CKKL - 93.9 Bob FM

The CHUM Group flipped Hot AC Kool FM 93.9 to Variety Hits as 93.9 Bob FM on May 31, 2003. However, due to local regulations, only 50% of the playlist is allowed to be hit music, while the other 50% must be non-hit, due to protectionist policy from the French Radio market. This limited the ratings growth for the format in the market, and it's the main reason why the format has not been attempted (as of this writing) in Montreal.

Kool signed off at 9:39 AM, then the station played the audio of the entire movie "What about BOB?" followed by a montage of song hooks. 93-9 BOB-FM signed on at 12 Noon. First song was "I Want A New Drug" by Huey Lewis and the News. No staff members were layed off as a result of the format change.

As for ratings, the station debuted at #2 in the P12+ (Persons age 12 and higher), but fell significantly over the next year.

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