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San Diego, California

KFMB-FM - 100.7 Jack FM

Midwest TV, Inc. has an unusual situation in the San Diego market. It owns the CBS affiliate in the city, KFMB-TV; I know that very well from when I was a TV news producer at Tampa's WTSP (CBS affiliate as well) and the Bucs went to the Super Bowl in January 2003, which was held in San Diego.

Midwest's radio ownership is a throwback to the old days, as the company owns one AM and one FM station, both of which have the KFMB calls. I could only imagine how confusing it gets with KFMB and KFMB-FM and KFMB-TV and KFMB-DT. It's like playing Scrabble when you're out of vowels.

Known on-air as Star 100.7, the Modern AC format of the station came to an abrupt end on April 6, 2005, according to A few minutes before 10 AM, the station's morning show disappeared and was replaced by ticking sound effects and a mysterious voice saying "closer...closer." At 10 AM, an alarm went off and a female voice said, "Bye Star."

An introduction message then played introducing listeners to Jack FM, following by "It's The End of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" by REM, the first song played on the new station. Usually that's a song played when a station is about to flip (though "Closing Time" by Semisonic is a personal favorite for that situation), but with Jack the choice of "End of the World" for the launch was apropos.

The station differs a bit from most U.S. Jack stations in that it not only maintained its morning show following the flip (Jeff & Jer, who were replaced years ago on 91X by Howard Stern) and then replaced Jeff & Jer (who left the station in August 2005 for My 94.1 FM) with a new show: Monique in the Morning.

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