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Variety Hits Mailbag

September 13, 2005

From: Mike (***
Date: Sep 13, 2005 9:53 AM
Subject: Your article on Jack In Albany ny Sept 8

Hi Lou,

I read your mailbag on your website everytime its updated and i read your article replying to someone in albany ny about abc radio and sparknets jack fm and you said for all jack fans here in albany to contact market managers to let them know and i was wondering which market managers do we contact and whats their email addresses to let them know we want the jack format from sparknet? Please let me know. I am a fan of jack too and the station here in albany i would love to see flip to the sparknet jack is wtry 98.3 since the repition of the same 300 oldies songs are sickning on wtry, i would think that's the station someone like infinity or abc radio will buy out from cc to flip to jack fm for us.

Thank You Very Much Lou,

Lou: I recommend that you sign up (for free) with All Access, which has a database of information as to who the GMs are for the various groups in the market. I hesitate to put the information on here, as some of the powers that be might not appreciate having their info posted.

With Albany being market #62, it could get a locally programmed JACK-FM, but the satellite-version would at least be another option (from ABC). Clear Channel does not have any JACK-FM stations, and actually it faces a legal challenge from SparkNet (owners of the JACK-FM and "Playing What We Want" service marks) for three of CC's Variety Hits stations. But for any of the other groups in the market... it is a possibility. The market is primed for a Variety Hits station, and it's going to depend on which company makes a move first as to what Albany will end up with along those lines.

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